Reasons For Investing In Bullion

Hey there, are you thinking about investing in bullion? This article goes out to my friend Robert at Draperies By Design, who asked me to help him get started with bullion. Bullion and coins made from precious metals are a great way to protect your savings in the long term. Take caution, however! The Federal Trade Commission urges […]

How To Plan An Investment

Investing is something that we face many times throughout our lives, and not just when we buy bullion. It goes without saying that investments are something that require a little bit of planning, that’s why there are so many financial planners in this world. The important part is to go into this with a good, […]

How To Get Started With Bullion

Hello again, boys and girls. Today I wanted to drop in to talk about getting started investing in precious metals. It’s something many of us consider but very few have any clue of where to start. As you may already know, bullion investment is proven to be much more stable than currency, especially the uneasy […]

Tricks Of The Trade

The price of bullion is something that is constantly evolving, drawing tons of attention from the media and speculators alike. The markets are always very active, even while we sleep. Many different forms of trading exist in our modern world, more high-tech solutiions to age old problems. Bullion bars as well as coins can be […]

The History of Gold Part 2: Collapse

By the last years of the Second World War, gold prices had risen to become higher than ever expected. The price of bullion stayed high in times of conflict, and the trend was continued during the Cold War. The impact was felt most in the United States during the 1980s, where gold prices had become higher than […]

The History of Gold Part 1: War And Fortune

The price of gold coins has changed much over the last 100 years. There are definitely a few lessons we can learn from this period of time if we look in the right place. The Rush: Rise and Fall When it comes to reminiscing about the history of gold, it’s difficult not to talk about […]

Higher Value Coins

Generally speaking, the rarer the coinage, the better the investment. Coincidentally, the size of the investment gets a little “better”, too. Fortunately, the payoff is sweet: gold coins as a general rule keep their value much better than any of the currencies of the world’s nations. For this very reason, gold is a reliable commodity and […]

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Gold and Silver

1. Patience is a virtue. Before you invest your hard-earned cash in anything, whether it be gold coins and bullion, silver, or even stocks, many things have to be considered. The first thing to be taken into consideration could possibly be the most important. The very idea of investing means that you are getting rid […]